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Updated: May 24, 2021

The idea was born in 2013. The team that united Greece in 2004, the European Champions, decided to activate and play a major role in the country's sports and cultural happenings.

On May 2019, the Non Profit Company "Champions For Life" was born from within the Legends 2004 team. A solid entity, a living organism that listens to society and its needs, seeking ways to promote values and causes.

The activitied of the most important team in Greek Football, the Legends 2004, are numerous and have already been appreciated by the football fans.

This relationship between the team that gave us some of the strongest feelings of our lives and the football fans in Greece and all over the world will be strengthened and expanded through the official web page of the Legends 2004 and the Champions For Life NPC.

The "" official web page is here to inform about all the activities of the legendary team and is the new channel of communication between the European Champions of 2004 and football fans all over the world.

Just add it to your bookmarks!

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