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Legends 2004 travel around Greece to meet U12 football players, boys and girls, in order to convey values, ideals, the principals of team spirit and the joy of the game.


Legends 2004 Youth Cup is a free grassroots mentoring programme for U11 Football Academies, that includes both training and playing sessions.

An once-in-a-lifetime priceless and interactive experience, that works as a guide for the young athletes' life, both in and out of sports.















Champions For Life N.P.C. and Legends 2004 actively stand by the young athletes as mentors, to offer guidance through a series of activities including motivational speeches, training sessions and actual games, teaching them optimal training regimes and football secrets, but most of all moulding their character and mentality through the values of fair play. 

Legends 2004 Youth Cup is organised by Champions For Life N.P.C.

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